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560 315 Peter Deane

LowerMyCharges – How do we stand out from other financial advisory services?

How do we stand out from other financial advisory services? LowerMyCharges has been set up to offer a revolutionary fresh alternative to traditional financial advisory firms. Our low charges mean…

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1024 683 Ian Brewer

FCA eyes ban on contingent charging for pensions

There has been a debate raging on of late about banning contingent charging. This is the practice of financial advice firms not charging you for advice given if the advice…

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1000 1024 Ian Brewer

Financial Advice and my Boiler

There a lot of debate at the moment on whether financial advice is worth paying for? In many ways, this is subjective depending on whom you’re talking too – which…

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1024 504 Ian Brewer

Dreams and goals – how often are you reminded of them?

Dreams and Goals Hanging above my head in my office is something that looks rather like a large fishing net. It is a band of circular metal, with mesh of…

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960 640 Ian Brewer

Tackling Competiton in Advice -What to expect from the FCA in 2017

At Lower My we believe having competition is good. However when it comes to financial advice there doesn’t seem to be much going on in terms of being competitive.…

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1024 678 Ian Brewer

£40,000: the value of advice

We believe at Lower My that the value advice can make a world of difference to your overall wealth and happiness. What is a true value of advice? We…

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960 673 Ian Brewer

The Advice Price Tag – How do advisers prove their worth?

There been a lot of scrutiny on what financial advisers charge of late but what does value for money look like when it comes to getting financial advice? We found…

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