Switch Your Adviser - Lower My Charges

Switch Your Adviser And See How Much Money You Could Save

How It Works

If you already have a Financial Adviser but you would like to reduce your charges by switching to Lower My Charges we may be able to help you. We contact your product providers on your behalf to see if it is possible to switch and if so we arrange the switch.  You will not be switching any products that you hold, these remain in place, just the servicing rights so you benefit from our low charges.

Switching servicing rights from your existing adviser to Lower My Charges is really quite easy.

To see how much you could save, try our calculator

What Do I Need To Know?

To find out more about how to switch we recommend you speak to one of our Financial Advisers who will explain everything and talk you through the process.  We will check if switching is suitable for you and, if yes, we can make all the arrangements.  When everything is in place we will contact you again to arrange a review session.  

Your call is free and you are under no obligations to proceed if this isn’t right for you.

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