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Financial News Roundup

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In this week’s financial roundup, as it’s Pension Awareness Week our focus is on top tips from the financial news.

HR News: UK workers call on employers to be more open and honest about pension savings

96% of workers believe that employers should be more transparent with employees about pension shortfalls and the realities of retirement today, and 68% feel that their employer could do more to encourage them to maximise their pension contributions.

Read the full article here.

Our take

Employees are demanding that their employer provide them with honest and realistic information about their pensions. Perfectly understandable but one of the reasons why this may not be happening is that employers do not feel knowledgeable or confident enough to provide the information requested.

Professional Pension: Pension Awareness Day: Industry’s top tips for boosting engagement

Experts have called on the industry to personalise pension communications and expand auto-enrolment (AE) to all workers ahead of the fifth Pension Awareness Day on Sunday.

To read the full article, click here.

Our take

It’s great that there is a National Pensions Awareness Week which ends with National Pensions Awareness Day on the 15th of September. Improving the awareness of pensions, the role they play in retirement planning and the options available to people is so important.

Bdaily News: UK pensions crisis continues to grow with gig economy

A leading HR and payroll provider warns that the UK continues to sleepwalk into a pensions crisis due to the lack of retirement savings by millions of gig economy workers.

To read the full article, click here.

Our take

As the gig economy grows more and more people are getting less access to employee benefits programmes, including company provided pensions.


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