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1024 812 Ian Brewer

The FCA’s findings on ongoing Advice

There is a saying that less is more, but when this saying is applied to the Financial Services Industry how does that pan out for the customer? Well according to…

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1024 690 Ian Brewer

Fools Gold How Mifid II has revealed the true cost of funds

MIFID II came into force in January 2018 and it comes as no surprise that customers are now finding out they are paying a lot more than they previously thought.…

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800 450 Jason Butler

Timeless Wisdom

Timeless wisdom How an ancient philosophy can make you better with money The Stoics were around during the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. One of their key teachings…

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1000 1024 Ian Brewer

Financial Advice and my Boiler

There a lot of debate at the moment on whether financial advice is worth paying for? In many ways, this is subjective depending on whom you’re talking too – which…

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800 600 Ian Brewer

Hidden Charges are Mythical – like the Loch Ness Monster

Last week there was a very interesting broadcast on Radio 4 hosted by Lesley Curwen called the Transparency Detectives which I would like to share with you. For those who…

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1024 687 Ian Brewer

Perfect Storm – MIFID II

The New Year has started with a bang – and the timing for us to launch Lower My has been the perfect storm for us. Why? On January the…

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tell the truth
350 279 Ian Brewer

Time to tell the Truth?

Time to tell the Truth? It has been 6 months since we launched Lower My  and the speed of how things have developed has been amazing. Many respected journalists…

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1024 681 Ian Brewer

Steelworkers face 5% charge to move funds post-DB transfer

Members of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) who were advised to transfer out of their final salary pension are facing a 5% charge if they want to leave the…

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rip-off fees scandal
960 557 Ian Brewer

Pension drawdown rip-off fees scandal

It would seem not a day goes by without an article being written about rip off charges and fees. What is very concerning is the surge of customers being tempted…

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1024 683 Ian Brewer

Pension scandal: one in four savers faces rip-off fees

Auto-enrolment has helped drive total membership of occupational pension schemes in the UK to a record 39.2 million in 2016, according to the latest figures from the Office for National…

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1024 768 Ian Brewer

Do you trust the Robot when it comes to analysing your attitude to risk?

At Lower My we thought we would bring the attitude to risk topic to your attention. There seems to be a lot of people pushing this approach as a…

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620 355 Ian Brewer

Report to reveal concerns over risk profilers’ asset allocation

Our Founder Ian Brewer wrote a blog about this subject 2yrs ago which you can view here. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) 2yrs later have now done a report and…

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